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Escalators & Autowalks

Escalators & Autowalks

With Silverline Elevators Pvt Ltd, you are guaranteed with the quality products, every escalator and autowalk is designed to precision, equipped with advanced technology and quality materials to sustain long life with power saving and safety features, ensuring low noise, reliability and low operating cost.

Escalators work 24×7 ensuring continuous movement of passengers from one floor to another without a waiting time, these are mainly used in Shopping malls, Airports, Railway Station, huge manufacturing Plants etc. Autowalks as well are used at all these places, where a distance has to be travelled from one place to other by foot, it is very is very useful for swift movement of trolleys, carts, machineries etc.

We also are pioneer in the industry to have manufactured eco-efficient escalators, combining with a highly efficient and compact drive system to achieve great levels in saving energy consumption, space utilization etc, our escalators are design to save energy when no passengers are on board and running empty, even by using standby speed and energy-efficient LED lights, you can cut down your escalator or autowalk energy consumption considerably.

All our escalators and autowalk go through stringent quality check at each step from design to manufacturing to installation and maintenance, also we provide a range of additional solutions to optimize the utility of your escalators and autowalks. All our escalators are incorporated with a wide range of automated features designed to ensure maximum safety, such as speed sensor systems and emergency stop switches.